Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Conservative = Negative

My vote in October will be for peace. This peace will, hopefully, end the constant fighting and bickering that comes from the Conservative government. Hence, my vote will not be for them.

*Caution - political rant*

Everything that I read about and hear from them is negative, and to be quite frank, I am sick of it.

Their new crime and punishment plan will put 14 year olds in prison for life (btw - I read somewhere that this affects about 1000 individuals). Crime specialists say that this will not fix the problem, nor does it address the root cause. We can only hope that one of the Cons flunkies kids shows up on this list one day.

They're cutting funding to the Arts (this affects Quebec directly). How stupid. Everybody knows that the Arts attracts tourists AND guess what, it also allows people to become exposed to culture. The keyword here is allows, since under a Cons government, there is not much allowance for anything, but there is lots of room for doom and gloom.

The Environment. The Cons have no plan, but they have lots of criticism. They will criticize anyone and everyone, in order to get THEIR point across ad nauseum.

This government is no longer moderate. Far from it. It works only for the rich and wealthy.


Rox said...

I live in a primarily Conservative area. It sucks. Keep on keepin' on!

Unknown said...

Hey Mau - I so agree with you! I work in an area that is very much dependent on the Arts funding and I know and everyone knows at work who NOT to vote for. Keep up the rant!!

Anonymous said...

The conservatives have to go. Harper was cloned from Bush's elbow.
Isn't it funny how every political party is using the 'tough on crime' theme this time, even though violent crime has been going down for over a decade? Keep us scared, keep us meek.
Nice to see a Canadian blog of such long standing.