Thursday, July 03, 2008

Before and After

With a lack of anything worthwhile to post, yet with a yearning to update, I have this pittance of a post.

The local newspaper is delivered twice a week. Sometimes it has something of interest, like when our nephew's picture was posted with his band, but most times there is nothing much to read. Nevertheless, we always look forward to opening the paper when it arrives.

That is, if we CAN open it. Reference the BEFORE picture below.

We used to be able to open the paper quite easily. Lately though, we can barely get the elastic off, because it is wrapped around the paper so tightly. Add a bit of rain to the mix, and you end up ripping the paper off along with the elastic. We've even taken to cutting the elastic off (because the elastics are so dirty anyway). In any case the condition of the newspaper is a mess. Reference the AFTER Picture below.

We know what happens, because we have watched the kids doing their rounds. They strive to fit all of their papers into this tiny shopping cart, and in order to do this, they need to have teeny tiny bundles. Also, they need to be able to fling the papers from the road to the front door. You know the kind of fling I'm referring to. It's the wrist-snap fling. Those teeny tiny tight bundles are easier to do the wrist-snap fling.

But man don't get in the way of one of those flying newspapers. They'll knock you right out flat!


latt├ęgirl said...

*shakes cane* Darn kids these days. By gum, when I was their age I was delivering papers and I used to GET OFF MY BIKE and put the paper in the mailbox. The world is going to hell in a handbasket, mark my words!

Az said...

I can see why you have a hard time reading that newspaper. Jeez, why bother printing a newspaper if no one can enjoy reading it??

Anonymous said...

I miss having door service for the paper. Here the paper is delivered to a mailbox at the start of the road (it's a private road) and so a lot of times I don't even see it.

g said...

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talk talk talk / Shireen said...

What a mess! Our community paper comes in a nice plastic bag -- the better to hold the stuffing of ads -- and is delivered by those with developmental or intellectual disabilities. But like your paper, the Star gets chucked at the door in that tight tube, by an adult, and a friend got the G&M smashed through the glass of the front door. Kids, in my day, managed not to break down front doors! That's what happens when you hire adults.