Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We live in a world of entitled people, or, at the very least, people who feel they are entitled. Specific case in point. My Sweetie's new car, barely 6 months old, has damage on it. Damage which happened when he was not in the car at the time.

Someone felt that it was 'ok' to rub his black vehicle across the front bumper. There are a few scratches that are present.

Someone else also felt that it was 'ok' to fling their car door open. That left a nice little visible dent in the side door.

This kind of thing sickens me, especially since I have a new vehicle as well...barely a month old....

I guess I can expect a dent somewhere down the line. But when that happens, it will hurt.


latt├ęgirl said...

I think it's called "oblivious" rather than "entitled."

It seems like half (or more) of the people in this world walk and drive in some kind of blinkered bubble where only they exist.

Sad, but true.

I had to actually shout at a driver yesterday. I was just stepping off a curb and she was at the corner, waiting to turn, and was looking only at the oncoming traffic in the OTHER direction. We almost collided until I got her attention (with an unladylike "HEY!". She had the grace to look sheepish. But still... pedestrians really have to stay on their toes.

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Anonymous said...

Someone dented my friend's car right before I moved up here...it's not terrible and chances are it was caused by a shopping cart rather than another car....but still, people are just as willing to leave their carts out in the parking lot posing a hazard for cars than taking the extra minute to put the cart away before leaving the parking lot.