Saturday, June 07, 2008


Casual. That's a word that can be really confusing when it comes to clothing. Partner the word 'casual' with 'business' as in 'Business Casual' and I can really get myself in a tizzy.

I grew up in the type of world where uniforms (of a sort) were in style. There were school uniforms for grade school and for high school. In the business world, it was suits....jacket, skirt, nylons, the whole bit. It may have felt like a bit of a pain sometimes, but you always felt and looked professional.

Switch up to a time where Business Casual became toe new way of dressing in business. I remember when it was first introduced. The masses asked what constituted Business Casual. Well, as you would expect, the response was golf shirt and pants...but no jeans. The ladies in the audience sat with our mouths agape. Golf shirt? How are we gonna pull that one off? It took me a long time to ever feel comfortable at work in anything that didn't involve a jacket. Eventually I adjusted.

The word 'casual' entered my world again recently. We were invited to a wedding reception, where the dress was casual (in fact, jeans were acceptable as well). I freaked. My closet still sported winter clothing, complete with black and navy, but nothing of a summery nature, and certainly not casual. I fretted and fretted, especially since our temperature has now hit the 90's and it's sweltering hot outside. Now I had to think about casual PLUS cool.

I visited the local store many time in search of something that would fit the occasion, and finally found something that I am comfortable in and that I think is casual yet dressy.


...and always be prepared.


Anonymous said...

Shop more and shop often. Sounds like a new mantra!

Jeni said...

Yep! Mantra indeed! My older daughter thinks it is the Gospel and loves nothing better than to shop, again and again, for herself. Younger daughter likes to shop to but her favorite haunts tend to be yard sales, Goodwill, Salvation Army. Older girl refuses to wait to buy till things are on sale; younger refuses to buy unless they are on sale and it better be a good one too!
And I rarely go anyplace at all any more -plus I have additional weight factors that make shopping really a pain -so the solution for me seems to be just to stay home more often than not.

Barb said...

You were in a three way tie for winner of the caption contest. Maybe you can find something to wear in the prize. :)

Wystful1 said...


I'm here visiting today because I've received complaints about the bloggers over 50 blog roll having members on the list not having the blog roll or the link to the blog roll's home page on their blog.

If, when a week's time is over, I'll stop by and re-check to see if you've updated your sidebar on your blog, including a link or the blogroll itself.

If it's not visible, I will assume you no longer want to be part of the over 50 bloggers membership and take your blog link off the list.

Sorry, but in all fairness, the instructions do say you must have this included on your blog somewhere for others who are using the list to visit. It should be accessible somehow.

masgblog said...

hi wystful1 - check the bottom of my blog for the active links hat you are looking for. I would have left a comment at your blog, but was unable to.