Thursday, June 05, 2008

That Invisible Kind Of Feeling

Sometimes I feel like I am invisible. I'm not, but I am made to feel as though I am. It has happened before, and can happen anywhere, and this time it happened at a restaurant.

My Sweetie was seated first, while I went to powder my nose (ahem). I wasn't told where we were being seated, so when I arrived at the reception area, rhe hostess and I took a walkabout the restaurant to find wher My Sweetie was sitting.

I should have known then that things were not off to a great start.

The waitress (I'll call her Chippie from herein) came to take our order. Chippie was a perky, smiley young thing (aren't they all?), and she outdid herself in paying an abundance of attention to the male half at our table. She would angle herself in his direction when taking his order, and didn't even bother to change her stance when it came to taking my order.

Anyway, this continued and at one point, My Sweetie asked if I noticed that the service was slanted toward him. OF COURSE I NOTICED!!! He even said that before I was seated at the table, he was the recipient of the smilies and extra attention. Chippie and her smilies.

When our meals came, Chippie made sure to get My Sweetie's approval for his dinner. Was everything to his satisfaction blah-blah-blah. I barely was acknowledged.

Until it came time to pay. Chippie brought the bill, and I placed my credit card on the tray. She noticed. How could I tell? Because all of a sudden I was getting the biggest smile that you ever saw in your life. Grinning from ear to ear she was. I guess she was expecting the male diner to pay for dinner, but the female diner pulled a fast one and yanked out her credit card. Darn! "I've been smiling at the wrong person, I have!...Time to switch gears and I hope it's not too late!"

Now, I have experienced this before, and we can't really do anything about it, short of stiffing the servers on the tip (which I still did not do), but you think they'd know better.

Oh, and you know how they always come by after the payment and re-thank you for visiting?

That didn't happen either.


Anonymous said...

Did you tip her? I wouldn't have. I have a tendency to hold a grudge though. :)

masgblog said...

*sigh*..yes...but she gave My Sweetie such great service!

Anonymous said...

I hate being treated like I'm invisible...or otherwise less than an adult.

Anonymous said...

I can be pretty mean as well with this kind of airhead waitress. My husband and I take turn in paying (we have different accounts... yes, I know, some find it weird) and I notice the bill is always given to the guy. Seriously people, 21st century!

Barb said...

My daughter's boyfriend attracts wait staff like crazy. It's annoying.. especially when me and Mike are picking up the tab. :P