Thursday, July 10, 2008

There Are A Million Stories In This Naked City

....well perhaps one naked story.

We were driving home last night. It was late. It was dark. It was chilly. Standing by the side of the road, we spotted a naked man. Stark naked! His face was covered with a mask similar to what the Rock Band members from KISS used to wear.

.....and he wore absolutely nothing else....not even shoes or socks!

At first we were stunned, because, after all, how many naked people do YOU see running around your streets late at night? At first we thought that he might be an escapee from the Senior home, but we weren't sure. In any case, we stopped the car and called the Police. I think we were the first caller, because dispatch kept asking us what seemed to be the same questions over and over. They wanted details....none of which we could provide except for a white naked butt and that Kiss face. That made it a bit difficult. While we were relaying whatever details we could, dispatch said 'it's okay....other calls are coming in now'. Then they hung up on us.

Now, while we were talking to the Police, a small group of teens were standing on top of a grassy hill which borders a park. They were all watching our car, and they just knew that they had been ratted on. From the corner or our eye, Mr. Naked Guy darted in front of us, crossed the street and ran up to that group of friends.....all of whom immediately dispersed into the park area. (good luck running Mr. Naked Guy).

A Police cruiser arrived and he was going to talk to a few people who just happened to be in the park at that time. We left.

This was undoubtedly a dare from a youth or two....a dare which some kid was daring enough to do (had the b*lls to do), though he was not brave enough to uncover said b*lls.....

Oh to be young and stupid (and perhaps drunk) again.

An old CSNY song comes to mind....'Teach your children well....'



Anonymous said...

I love that y'all called the po-po on the nudie patootie!


latt├ęgirl said...

Oh, you can teach your children all you want but they'll still do foolish things.

Did you get to see his weenie?

masgblog said... see wee....just the back of his hands..and a big white butt.

Rox----nudie patootie...hehe

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing my brother doesn't live in Canada...cuz that sounds just like something him and his friends would do.

Az said...

OMG. That must have been something to see. LOL I think I would've been both a tad frightened, (thinking it might be some insane maniac), and stunned.

Oh yes, to be young and foolish again. Nothing fazes you when you're young.

terry said...

hilaaaaarious! i love that it sounds like the authorities didn't believe you until other calls started coming in. like anyone would make this up...!