Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Big Five Oh!!!!

Today is a milestone birthday for My Sweetie. It's the Big 50 for him. Yessir. Half a century years old. He is now a candidate for one of the big store's Mature Outlook program (hehe). But as for any other benefits, I'm afraid there are none. Sorry Sweetie.

We celebrated his birthday quietly. On the boat at a nearby bay. The weather was gloriously hot and the water was perfect for swimming. There were loons singing last night and this morning.

So here's to My Sweetie. I hope that he enjoyed his birthday today, and I hope he's not too unhappy about being 50.

See...I told you it wasn't so bad.

Luv you....M


Jeni said...

Yep! Your SIL was right when she mentioned it was her brother's (and your Sweetie's) birthday and that you were probably lazing the day away on your boat on some lake or inlet some place. She's really one smart cookie, isn't she?
Hope it was a happy day, indeed. Turning 50 isn't too bad. It's the years that follow that make life difficult.

Az said...

I hope your Sweetie had a wonderful birthday and I hope he has many, many more happy birthdays ahead of him. :D

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your hubby!