Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hey, Hey, Hey, It's My Lucky Day!

I won some money in the lottery! Okay, so it's not a million, nor is it a thousand, not even a hundred. But it's a dinner out! Woo hoo!

This really is a first for me. I don't think I have ever won anything in any sort of draw, except when I won a free PTS sampler by breaking a balloon at the gym party.

Now lately, we have been spending a minimal amount each week on the lottery, and have been winning small $$ plus free tickets. Perhaps that was the incentive to keep going. As they say, if you don't play, it don't pay.

A couple from Barrie just won 32 million I think it was. They can retire, and then some. If we won that, I think we'd be on our way south for a long time. Job? What job? Mortgage? What mortgage?

If nothing else, playing the lottery certainly provides an avenue for dreaming, for creating the what-if scenarios. What if we won 5 million...what would we do? My mind reels with the possibilities. I think I'd like to get a pool and a hot tub. I know, I know. I could buy the whole damn street a pool and a hot tub.

And a pool boy. To take care of the pool....and hot tub....and the towels....and the iced tea....*and get your minds out of that gutter*.

*again I dream*

I remember my Auntie Helen used to play Bingo; used to buy lottery tickets. In fact, I recall that she had a lucky streak in her, because she was always winning something. She's probably still playing Heaven's lottery and winning big.

I remember My Sweetie's Aunt Nan expressing that the Jaguar was her vehicle of choice. I would have to agree. That would be on my list.

Perhaps a new sailing vessel. Hmmmmm. Jeanneau? Catalina? Vauquiez?

*again my mind stirs*

Of course I would need to get new workout gear. Heck, I could buy a whole gym and manage someone to manage it. An investment, that's the ticket.

Ah "to dream perchance to sleep"

Dream on my little chickens, dream on.


Barb said...

Oh wouldn't it be nice if the pool boy was also a personal trainer???

RUTH said...

Well done, you enjoy that meal. I won a box of cigars once...I was only 13 and too young to accept the prize!

Nikki Neurotic said...

My parents go to Atlantic City to go the casinos every few months or so, even though they don't play often they still get comps and gifts sometimes. Not too long ago they got a comp for free beach towels so they drove down to get them and my dad decided to play a few dollars in the slot machines and won $1,000! At Christmas we made him a lottery ticket tree and he won quite a bit from that and took some of that money and got some tickets from the state televised one...and he won money from that as well.

It's never a whole lot, but enough for him to have a little fun. He usually gives some of it to his kids too, that's nice.

Personally, I'm not much of a winner. I won concert tickets once though, that was exciting. I took my sister and we had a blast.

Jeni said...

I think the only thing I ever won was a lottery they must have been having at the bar the night I met my ex-husband. That tells you how "lucky" I am, doesn't it?

But boy, to dream of winning a big lottery - oh my! My kids know what my very first purchase would be - a brand spanking new, top-of-the-line Winnebago Wagon! And as soon as I got the mortgage paid off, bills caught up to date for several months in advance, I'd be heading out - with a driver -so I could actually enjoy seeing the sights as my kids, grandkids and I would travel across the country, up into Canada, criss-crossing several times to make sure as to NOT miss anything there is to possibly see on this continent anyway!

Yeah and as you said "to dream, perchance to sleep" -that's what I'm gonna do here now! Sweet Dreams to both of us, huh?

latt├ęgirl said...

I won $10 once at the 6/49 and was thrilled. But I can't say I've ever won anything else of note.

Unless you count "winning" something on eBay.