Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

I just came back from a northern weekend, and I decided to visit Skittles' blog. She prepared a heartfelt post to commemorate Father's Day, and it prompted me to follow suit.

Now I had been trying to forget that today was Father's Day. I try to forget Mother's and Father's Day now. It just hurts too much. It was sort of easy to forget today, because it didn't seem that people were doing anything big to honor their Fathers. Sure, there was the odd Father's Day sail taking place, or a special BBQ or breakfast or phone call. But mostly it was quiet.

It's been eleven years since my Dad passed away. We never got to celebrate Father's Day that year. he was taken away before that. But then I got to thinking. I remember when I was a little girl. I would make a card for my Dad for Father's Day. He'd always be happy with whatever I did or gave him. He didn't expect the world. In fact, he didn't expect anything. Just a simple guy with simple wishes. Mostly wishes for me. That I be safe. That I be happy. That I be loved.

So Happy Father's Day.

And, Dad? I think I am.

and thanks to Skittles, whose post allowed me to post.


RUTH said...

A loving tribute to your Father.

Barb said...

Very special post about your terrific dad. :)