Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Am, But I'm Not and I Do, But I Don't

....a whole lot of nothing...........

I love bluegrass, but am not a Country music fan.

I like purple, but not mauve.

I am smell sensitive to women's perfumes, but not to men's colognes.

I collect keychains from every place I've ever visited, but I never use the keychains for keys.

I adore the music of Jakob Dylan, but was never a huge fan of Bob Dylan.

I am a huge Survivor fan, but I could never be on the show because I wouldn't eat bugs!

I am excited to try snorkeling, but I am afraid of fish!

Nighttime sailing is fine, but I am afraid of the dark.


Anonymous said...

I prefer Jackob's voice, but I prefer Bob's lyrics. :)

jeweledrabbit said...

I love everything purple.

I've snorkeled and I've always wanted to try scuba diving.