Wednesday, December 31, 2008

4th Time Lucky?

Well, mattress number four arrived yesterday. It's a Tempurpedic, meaning that it is a foam mattress that molds to your body impression. I think that it was the first style that I admired, but because of the price, we didn't opt for it. But, when we visited the store for what we hoped was the last time, we decided to go for it...seeing as there were so many problems with every other mattress so far.

Anyway, yesterday was the big arrival day. The truck pulled up, and two burly men carried the new monster into the house. They tried to get it up the stairs, but there was one problem. The mattress was frozen (apparently foam has a tendency of doing that), and that made it impossible to bend it in order to get it upstairs. So the newest baby had to be left on the main floor, in order to thaw, and the delivery people would return today (which they did), after the thaw, in order to get the beast upstairs.

Now, the mattress actually started thawing pretty much immediately, so we decided to get out the sleeping bags and sleep on it anyway. I must admit, it was a pretty comfortable night. Yes, the mattress has a 'smell' (it's a foam smell not a mold smell), but we were aware of this, and we also knew that the smell would dissipate with time.

Happy 2009 everybody! Here's hoping this mattress is 4th time lucky.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the mattress. My friend has one (she's got a bad back and pretty much NEEDS it). I've slept on it a few times when I've visited overnight and I have to say its quite comfortable.

jeweledrabbit said...

Awesome. Enjoy that baby. :OD

Happy New Year to you too. ;)

Rick said...

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Rox said...

I'm starting to wonder if it's the place you're getting them from?! I hope this one works! Happy New Year to you too!

木村拓哉kimura said...