Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Mattress - The Final Chapter

In the mattress complaint department, I feel as though I have written about this before, except that this time we seem to have a happy ending.

For those who are not in-the-know, or who are totally lost, here is a synopsis. We purchased a mattress less than 2 years ago which began to develop a big time sag (hence, mattress #1). I first wrote this initial post about how it's not in my head

That mattress was replaced with a mattress which had a smell (hence, mattress #2). Then, there was a follow-up post it's not in my head-the sequel

Then I wrote about how the saga continues.

This is the final chapter (at least I certainly hope it is) in the saga of the mattresses. We were scheduled to receive mattress #3, and it arrived safe and sound. It is working out fine (so far). There are no sags. There is a smell, but a different smell from the previous mattress. It is comfortable.

I have to add, though, that when mattress #2 was being removed from the house, the movers should have had air masks on. I was not at home to see this, but I was told that the underside of the mattress had black streaks along the bottom (strongly resembling mold, which we all know is not good for us). Gross me out.

So, wish us luck with the new one. So far so good. Maybe it's third time lucky this time.


Anonymous said...

If it was indeed mold (and black mold at that) you are very lucky that neither of you were allergic. I really hope that this third mattress finally works out. You know what they say, third one's the charm!

jeweledrabbit said...

Here's to an end to the mattress saga. :OD

Barb said...

Did you change your blog design? I like it. :)

Your comment in Caption This is in the lead.