Monday, April 21, 2008

Hear the Roar

No, not lions or tigers or bears (oh my!). The roar of life. Anywhere we seem to go, there is a roar. A dull roar of the city traffic, or the hum of the well used roads. It exists everywhere, city and country. A constant hum of whatever.

Yesterday was a perfect day for sitting in the backyard. It was sunny and warm. The birds were singing. It was great.

Then the roar started.

First it was the guy changing his winter tires in his driveway. Frrrrip friiip of the nuts being whirred from the tires.

Added to that little symphony was the guy with his power washer, trying to kill the bejeezus winter residue out of the driveway. Braaap-braaap-braaap.....annoying piece of s*i*.

Added to this was the guy running his ATV...not running it anywhere, just running it.

Add to this the cacophony of dogs, put outside to catch some rays, and to get the barking out of the house (go and annoy the neighbours Fido).

So, I finally found some quiet by retreating inside the house, turning on the sat radio, and chilling.

Today I am listening to hammering outside. No doubt someone is building something. A deck. A doghouse for Fido to bark in. Whatever.

The only place where I have ever heard total quiet is when we are sailing...away from the dogs and the machinery and the constant noise. I look forward to this...very soon.



Nikki Neurotic said...

That's why I usually bring my iPod with me when I'm outside. At least I can hear what I want to hear and not what's being imposed on me by neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Peace and quiet is truly a rare pleasure these days.

Unknown said...

Farnham was pretty quiet this past weekend. You should have been here!
Miss you!

Jeni said...

Yeah- same thing here, even though it is a tiny little village, well off from the beaten traffic tracks. Yesterday evening, there was even the added feature here of one of our neighbors having a backhoe doing some kind of work in their yard too!

Hope you soon get the chance to be out and about on your boat. Peace, indeed!

latt├ęgirl said...

The sailing sounds beautiful after all the Barrie roaring!