Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It was the end of the day. I was nice and relaxed after returning from the gym, and had just pulled into the driveway. As I looked back as my car was reversing, I spotted something on the lawn that wasn't there earlier.

A goose.

Not a real, live goose, but a goose that once belonged to a neighbour. A lawn ornament. I know this because every year, this particular neighbour sets out a few phony geese on her lawn (some people do garden gnomes, she does geese).

This was probably a prank by some of the local kids, possibly the same local kids who thought it was a joke to steal our solar rock from our front lawn last year or the year before (can't remember; old age). The rock never did come home.

Anyway, back to the goose. Yesterday we went to try and ask the goose lady if she was missing a goose, but she never answered the door.

We tried again, but no answer from the goose lady.

My Sweetie happened to look out of his office window and saw that her garage door was open, which meant she was either at home or going out. So he went over, and proceeded with the goose interrogation, thus determining that the found goose was in fact her goose. It was returned to its rightful owner.

Later, we drove past the house, and sure enough, the goose was reunited with his family, the threesome of plastic geese, protecting the tree.

On days like this, I love living here.


Nikki Neurotic said...

Do the geese have names?

masgblog said...

The goose lady never did say if they had names.....but feel free! I am curious what you would name them?

Aza said...

I'm sorry this is off topic, I saw your post on Latte's blog and am hoping she is okay. Is there an address cards can be sent to?