Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And Her First Question Should Have Been....

The other day, My Sweetie was trying to subscribe to a service (doesn't matter what). We were in the car using the hands free. The company we were calling was satellite based out of who-knows-where, so you can imagine the bad reception, bops and bips that occurred throughout the call (plus the lost cell at times).

The following conversation took place (you'll just have to imagine my peals of laughter in the background HEEEEEE).

CS (Customer Service): Yes, how can I help you?
MS (My Sweetie): I'd like to subscribe please.

CS: Okay let me bring up your account. What is your account id?
MS: I don't have that handy.

CS: Okay. Can I have your telephone number?
MS: yes........(proceeds to provide telephone number).

CS: I'm sorry but I cannot locate that number. Do you have an email adress?
MS: yes. schnook@mycar.net. That's S as in Sam, C as in chocolate, H as in Halo, N as in Nerd, O as in ohoh, O as in ohohohoh, K as in kindergarden, AT mycar, that's M as in Mother, Y as in Yamaha, C as in Cookie, A asin Atlantic, R as in Rambo, dot net, N as in November, E as in Ewe, T as in Tartar.

CS: okay, thank you. I'm sorry but I cannot locate that email address. Can we try your home address?

(I am already laughing beyond belief)

MS: 68 Berry Blvd, that's six eight, B as in Bear, E as in Ewe, R as in Raspberry, R as in Raspberry, Y as in Yuck.

CS: thank you.

What comes back next is bizarro.

CS: Do you have an address in Kansas?
MS: No.

CS: How about Illinois?
MS: No. I live in Canada.

CS: Oh! My! This is the US 800-number that you called. You need to call the Canadian 800-number! (Huh?)

By this time, both of us are just about driving off the road in a fit of laughter, having gone through almost the entire alphabet for this.

So, her first question should have been =====> ....what country are you in?

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Anonymous said...


So what service was it? Because you know, it totally matters. hahah!