Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Thoughts

It's been crazy busy around here. Work has been crazy busy. Social life has been crazy busy. Add in the regular holiday prep crazy busy.

This is really the first opportunity that I have had to blog. Or any real interest. Just too crazy busy.

Anyway, through all of the crazy busy, I have managed to take some time to reflect. It always happens at some point during the season. When I pull out the Christmas decorations from years past, listen to the Christmas carols. It's a feeling of almost sadness.

But then, I manage to turn the sadness around, and that sadness turns to warmth. That warmth happens when I give.

For me, this is the season for giving, not receiving. There are so many people who have nothing. They may have lost everything in a fire. They may have had nothing to begin with. For me, it's a way to show thanks.

Yesterday I gave. And I will continue to give.

And I will be warm inside.


Jeni said...

Great post and great interpretation on the meaning behind Christmas too!

latt├ęgirl said...

Nice post... give to me. (hah!) I am bereft this year.

Kidding. Give to those who need it most, but remember me on the 25th, when I will be alone.