Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fermenting Blog

This has been a busy Christmas season, and I seem to have neglected my poor blog. However, during my absence, my blog seems to have fermented, and in the process, appears to be approaching 10,000 hits! This is very cool, seeing as I have only been a blogger for about a year and a half.

Every now and then I peruse the Traffic feed, and sometimes I find some interesting fellow bloggers creating some equally interesting things. Take for example Finding life Hard. One day, I noticed this particular link, and decided to check it out. The blog has a link to a YouTube video called 'Harvey - my life as a dog' (although I am not a dog person - really!).

The video will melt your heart (really - I am NOT a dog person!!)

Signed KittyLady

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Liz Hinds said...

Hello! And thank you for visiting and the link!
Nice to meet you. Hope your Christmas was good and that 2008 will be wonderful!