Sunday, September 17, 2006

What would have been 57 years

Now, I know some people will think that it is kind of weird that I do this, but I keep track of dates, and things that happen on those dates. I know, woo woo...Voodoo stuff. But that is part of my makeup, part of what makes me tick. For example, if my Mom and Dad were still here, they would have celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary. So, on September 17th, I remember in silence and think of them. Out of the blue, my late Honorary Sister Pat's husband, who were both very close friends of my Mom's, called tonight, their anniversary night. We had been giving him some space to grieve, to adapt, to settle in, and we had both been thinking about him, and mentioned that we need to call and touch base. I had mentioned to him what today was. He had no idea what today was, but afterward he said 'see...we are still connected'. His family and my family have a special connection, and that is just the way it is.

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