Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Learners Permit Story

A fellow blogger has been writing about obtaining a learners permit, and it reminded me of when I got mine. This post will surely lead to another couple of posts....the driving lesson story, and the first real time driving story, but for now it is the learners Permit story.

Way way back, when I was 16 or so (maybe a bit older, I can't remember), my parents and I thought it would be a good idea for me to learn to drive. We had a car, my Dad was a good driver, so we decided that he and I would go out each week for a spin. So we visited the local licensing office, and obtained a learners Permit. Usually on a Friday, Dad would drive us to the service road on the Trans Canada highway. We would trade places, me now being the driver, and I would drive along the service road. There were hardly any stop signs, no lights, so it was a great way to get the feel of the car without having to worry about too many other vehicles. This would take about a half hour, with us ending at one of the Avon building, where Dad would have a smoke, and then change places so that he would drive us home.

We never really got into any in-depth stuff - parallel parking, 3-point turns, etc, but we covered the basics.

As it turned out, I never acquired my license in Quebec. Living in the city, I had access to every means of transportation available. So Dad and I continued to do this until I got married. Then I never pursued the actual driver's license.

Little did I know, though, that may years later I would be sitting in a classroom, actually taking a driver's course in preparation for a driver's license. But, that, as I said, is another story.


Anonymous said...

i look forward to the next chapter...

latt├ęgirl said...

Three point turn?!!!

masgblog said...

You don't know what a three point turn is? Easy, very easy.

Check it out =>

masgblog said...

terry - welcome....I am working on that next chapter, which of course is leading to another and another....maybe I'm onto something.

Anonymous said...

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