Friday, September 15, 2006

It's a nothing sort of day

Sometimes I have to work at creating something for an entry. Today is one of those days. The weather is kind of drab looking, not raining, and not cold, just drab. The kind of day where you want to curl up with a hot chocolate and a good book. Maybe my brain is merely taxed at the events of this past week.
  • the September 11th anniversary

  • the shooting at Dawson College

  • the passing of my friend's dog

  • So, instead of posting commentary, I merely type, like now, and hope that something of importance will pop up. Still nothing. Oh wait, a local high school has been evacuated due to a bomb threat. Again, my brain is taxed a more negativity.

    I think I will just go to the gym later today, and jump into some exercise, and sweat. Here's to a better week next week.


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