Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Distracting Words

The other night, I was at a meeting where this fellow was brought in to speak on a specific topic. At first the talk interesting, and I was paying attention until a part of my brain clicked into something that was happening. I noticed that he would add the words Know-What-I-Mean at the end of each and every sentence. Actually, when he said it, it sounded like knowhudamean.

At first I thought that it was just a habit, and that he would soon abandon it. That didn't happen. Those words were there each and every time....and he was on a roll.

Now, by this time I was now fully drawn to the words rather than the message. Well sort of. I would drift back to listen to what he was saying, but at this point he was fully off topic and was now rambling, and my mind was now counting each instance of those words.

He used Know-What-I-Mean about 76 times.


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Jeni said...

I had no idea my son was speaking at any events! He uses that ("Know what I mean" along with "Does that make any sense" ALL. THE. TIME! Drives me bonkers. Yeah, I do that too but hopefully, not as frequently as he does. My girls and I like to play little head games with him though and just tell him "No, I don't" from time to time though in hopes we will get him to ease up on saying that. So far, it has had little impact on him. Unfortunately.