Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Ability To Laugh

It's late here, probably too late to blog, but I have lots of time, and I have this warm little topic that needs to be put out here. It's about the ability to laugh, laugh with others, at things that are funny, but mostly being able to laugh at oneself.

That last one is HUGE ONE...being able to laugh at oneself. I have a girlfriend with whom I am quite close. That shouldn't surprise anyone. I keep my circles tight and private. I am selective about my friends. It's sort of like a MEMBERS ONLY club. With this particular girlfriend, we take the same gym classes and we try to go out once a week. We grab a soda and sit at a local restaurant, and chat, and dream, and share, and learn. AND we laugh...laugh to the point where we both have tears streaming down our faces.

This girlfriend has a son who has special needs. Anyone who doesn't know or understand cannot possibly accept his strange social behaviour. I understand it and am accustomed to him the way that he is. One time we went out to a restaurant girlfriend and I plus her 2 boys. The one with the special needs behaved as he always does, and had us laughing hysterically...and do you know why? He was imitating the sound of very loud farts while he was hiding under the table. I'll tell you, the people around us were not too impressed, but we were in stitches...with tears streaming down all of our faces.

Maybe they need to have a good belly-hurting, tear-streaming laugh......cause it really does feel good....and with that I bid you a good night...


Nikki Neurotic said...

Being around at least one best friend is probably the best thing in the world.

clew said...

Hey there! Just surfed by today - great post! A good laugh at something socially inappropriate is always a good thing, IMO. I love to laugh - and I love Taylor Hicks too :)

I'll be back again! Happy weekend