Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Archuleta! Archuleta!

American Idol....ahhhh!

I am a huge (huge I say!) American Idol (and Canadian Idol) fan. My most favourite seasons were the Fantasia season and the one and only Taylor Hicks season.

This season, it has been a cliff hanger, with every week watching another talented person going home.

Tonight it is down to the two Davids. David Cook and David Archuleta.

David Cook (I'll call him big David) is a high style rocker. I enjoyed his song selections and enjoyed his performance. At one point I even thought that he would indeed win the whole thing. But there was always a little tug that said 'Hey...wait a minute! There's Little David too!'.

Little David Archuleta (and I say little because he is a small guy and young...only 17 years old!). Little David has a voice which is as smooth as silk, and he sings with so much emotion, that he can literally reduce one to tears (as he has done with me).

So....who has my vote tonight (but I can't vote because I'm in Canada)???....
Little David

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Anonymous said...

I hope the little David wins too. The big David will get a record contract and he is badass enough to be able to stand up for himself. Little David needs protection.

Question is, why am I thinking about this?!