Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ants in our Pants

Not quite, but we did spend the day evacuating carpenter ants and there nests and colonies from the basement wall. All because we repaired some of the bricks at our back wall, thus closing off their entrance. So now they're angry at us, and the ones that were already living in the basement are escaping we are doing the ant dance. The ones outside can die...or go and live somewhere else.

So, we have destroyed a few colonies of ants that were taking up residence in the basement wall, sent a few babies to the guillotine and just basically tried to remove any trace of the little buggers.

Someone told us to try cornmeal. It seems that these guys will eat it, but can't digest it, so they simply die from being overfed.

hmmm I guess you can have too much of a good thing!


latt├ęgirl said...

Ah, yes... carpenter ants, which, as I said to your sweetie, aren't hanging around building custom-made wood furniture for your home. To insects in the house, I say "Whoa there, you're on MY territory now. Die die die!" Up in Lakefield we had fire ant nests in the garage, but thankfully those guys never came into the house. The regular, small brown ones did, though, marching in an orderly column each summer through rom's bedroom. Our solution to that, other than ant traps in the room, was to pour some solution (forget what it's called) directly into their nests outside, thus killing everyone. War is hell.

Happy Monday!

Barb said...

Too bad ants are quiet. I would have loved to have read your sound effects. ;)

About Idol. I wish there could be two also. *Sigh*

My first two favorites were David A. and Carly. I was sad to see Carly go, but with the competition being as close as it is now, I know she wouldn't have made it this far anyway.

David A. is so darn cute & humble, not to mention a wonderful singer, but I kind of started thinking he may not be as versatile as I wished he'd be.

I always knew David C. was good, but in the past years I've always resisted liking and backing the "rockers." This past week, like I said on my blog, he blew me away and won me over.

I loved seeing both of them in their hometown visit segments. Yeah, I even got a little teary-eyed at how touched they were.

No matter which of them wins, I know I'll be cheering. But, also sad. :)