Friday, September 14, 2007

Head Is Spinning

My head is going around and around. Various tidbits are floating around in my head, including earworms. Bah. (earworm alert => you spin me right round baby right a record baby...)

Firstly, I went to bed last night and woke up this morning with Brian Melo's voice singing Kharma Police, and also singing the new-to-be-released single. (btw - if you're interested, YouTube has his Kharma Police performance). Earworms are bad enough, and can take over your whole persona if you let them, but this one I can'r seem to shake. Argh!

So now, I have 3 earworms roaming through my head. Just great.

Secondly, we have another neighbour who has decided to do some property adjustments in the form of new stone walkway. This, of course, entails cutting of said stones and pounding and leveling said ground. Translation => NOISE (which is not great since I wok from my home). Bah. (earworm alert => boom boom boom, like a hammer to the heart...(from the first ever BodyStep release)).

The only interesting thing about the neighbour's property work was watching the workers. They would ogle the good looking ladies who were walking their kiddies to school. And I do mean ogle....the kind of ogle where the head gets cranked right out of the neck. (earworm => pretty woman walkin down the street).

Oh, and they also worked shirtless....and had tatoos on their arms....and no plumbers crack....or beer bellies. (earworm => flaunt it lyrics...come on and flaunt it, what ya mama gave you )

Thirdly, there is an Internet cold going around, and I have a small touch of that. Now, I am not quite sure how these colds are passed on through the Internet since none of us actually see or touch each other (earworm alert => reach out and touch ...somebody now...).

So, I guess that I'll go to the gym, and do a class, where I'll hopefully leave with another earworm to replace all of the others that are cluttering up my head today.


latt├ęgirl said...

MMMM shirtless workmen with no bellies. A girl can only dream.

Parlancheq said...

So unfair. They've been digging up my street since early August to replace underground pipes, but the workers are...yuck! If you have to put up with noise you should at least get to see hot, shirtless guys, I think.

Jeni said...

a cyber-cold - that's what we've got! Maybe with a little bit of luck while at the gym, you can pass it off to some other poor unsuspecting soul. Let them spread it westerly.

Barb said...

Can you get some pictures of those guys? :)