Friday, July 30, 2010

My Oasis

My oasis is my back deck. It's old and has rotting parts, but it is part of the green lushness of my backyard....and now it is special, at least to me.

Last year I didn't use the deck very much. A neighbour lent me his power washer, I truly made an effort to clean things up, but it was a horrible job. A local outlet had a sale on outdoor furniture, and I used it a bit, but not much. It wasn't an oasis. It was pretty ugly and blah. It was merely a part of the outside and I sat out, albeit briefly, whenever I cut the lawn.

This year is quite different. I started to sit outside on a plastic beach chair, and would think about getting everything set in place. One day, I finally got it together. The power washer, which I had purchased but never removed from the box, made a debut, and many hours were spent cleaning, and I discovered that, like cutting the lawn, I enjoy power washing! The furniture was arranged, in typical OCD manner, and then things happened. Thanks to the $$$ store, I was able to find some chimes and simple things to make the deck My Oasis.

Now I sit out there in peace. The variety of birds make their visit, as do the animals. Friends come to visit, and all is good. It's peaceful and serene, and oh so very important to me.

My girlfriend said that I made it my home, and yes, it is now a part of my home.

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Barb said...

I've *watched* your oasis come together and giggled gleefully with you at each new addition.

It's hard to come up with something more original to say since we talk so much already.. but I'm so happy that you have a place like this now. :)