Thursday, July 09, 2009


New discoveries will provide excitement for you. This day will be a stimulating one that will hold many pleasant surprises and outcomes. If you are not flexible, this could be nerve-wracking. Teaching, lecturing, performing, selling, demonstrating--any activity that puts you in front of the public in positive ways are where you can be found this afternoon. Your wisdom and the way you portray your ideas to others will help guide people at times when you may not know. Time is on your side this evening . . . whatever you involve yourself with now will be successful. Perhaps after such a busy day, you will enjoy some form of relaxation. Certainly, any strain in a love relationship will benefit from your relaxed undivided attention.

This is my horoscope for today. For all of the non-believers and non-subscribers....pfeh! You can stop reading right now. :)

Lately, my daily horoscopes have been pretty dead-on. For me, this particular horoscope was just screaming for a post today, because it is just so, so, accurate with regard to the performing least my interpretation of it anyway.

Tonight I will have my first drum lesson on a full drum kit. This has been a secret passion for me, which only a few people know about........and now you guys.

When I listen to music, I usually use my hands in some sort of drum banging motion...tapping on the table or whatever. When I do the percussion thing, I usually incorporate some form of tapping with the Cabasa.

And so it got me to thinking.....

Then, one day, there was an ad in the local paper for Drum Lessons, so I called to inquire. This is purely experimental at this point, but I am going to give it a whirl.

..............and we'll see where it leads.

..........................and, as usual, look out!

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jeweledrabbit said...

Woowee!! Mau's going to bash some skins! =OD