Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Whole Tone Has Changed

When I wrote my last post, A New Year, A New Direction, I wrote that regarding my personal life. That new direction also seems to apply with the inauguration of President Barack Obama. It is not my place as a Canadian to yay or nay American politics (though I must say that I absolutely adore President Obama), but I did want to comment on the change of tone that is detected in the air. With the previous government out, and the new government in, there is a whole new feeling in the air. Definitely a feeling of hope. A feeling of change. A feeling of inclusion. But mostly a fresh feeling....fresh new faces who are willing to get started to make changes.

With this fresh feeling, I was also struck with a reminiscent feeling...reminiscent of the Kennedy years.

Here's to you Mr.President. Your people are there to support you, and may you have a successful reign.


Jeni said...

I agree wholeheartedly about the "new tone" -it is definitely a new direction in which we are heading and I do believe it is the right direction at that.
Here's hoping people here take President Obama's words to heart that only "WE" can do the changes needed -not HIM! Alone, he can't do diddly squat, but together, if we all try to help in some small -or large, if possible -way, things will get done, and improvements will be made!
Great post Mau!

Barb said...

Yes.. I feel it, too. And the comparison to Kennedy is one a lot of people see.

Obama inspires us to hope again.

Barb said...