Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Frozen Croppings

You thought I made a typo didn't you...croppings instead of droppings? Heh. Well, I didn't. But I am frozen. And so are my croppings. Scarp croppings that is. I am unable to move forward. It's not a serious thing either, so no need to get excited.

A little background.

I mentioned that I started scrapbooking cards. This is something that I really enjoy doing. It may not always be appreciated, but it is a form of therapy for me. Creative expression. I also mentioned how I wanted to put my Dad's WW2 photos into a scrapbook. That is still my intention.

I have the photos all sorted.
I have a format.
I have text.
I have the album (a nice textured one).
I have the nice patterned paper.
I have the plastic pages.
I have the little sticky photo corners.
I have ideas.
I got it all, baby.

But I am stuck. I am afraid to make the first of anything on the nice paper. The first glue, the first cut....anything! I am afraid that the end product will look shoddy.....and I haven't even started yet. I am afraid that when it is complete, people will look at it and not really give a hoot.

Now, this is all probably stemming from the fact that I have only been using Scrapbooking for Dummies, so I have no confidence whatsoever. I haven't really had any instructional sessions. This would certainly ease me out of my fear of starting. My friend told me today to just start. I thought 'okay...I'll just start'.

I ended up making a card instead.

It's almost like the card has such a small canvas to work within, and it's so much easier and quicker to create something. I don't know.

Maybe this weekend I'll be able to make the first dent in the scrapbook, but for now I have to figure out exactly how I am going to get to that point.

(if only the world problems could be like this, eh?)


Nikki Neurotic said...

Maybe starting out small is a good idea...start out with a card, then perhaps try something poster sized and once you are happy with the results of that, move on to the scrap book. Nothing wrong with taking baby steps.

Or, you could maybe find a scrapbooking class, or work on the book when you are with your friend who also likes scrapbooking.

masgblog said...

hi Silver...I am not sure that particular friend is into scrapbooking. I think she was trying to be motivational for me. I so want to do this project....need a boot!

Jeni said...

Think back to your first knitting project - where you afraid to pick up the needles and mess with the yarn you had? Scared you would screw something up somehow? Probably. I know I was and my Mom was even more afraid I was going to take the smidgen of yarn she had given me and totally ruin it -even though it was just a scrap. Is there anything you can kind of "practice" with to get a better feel for what/where you want things to be? Gotta be some way to edge you past this little blockade you've built in there for yourself.And, I wish I knew something about that and could give you some suggestions that were worthwhile.

latt├ęgirl said...

I have never known you to be under-confident in ANYTHING!

I suggest you draw your first page on a sheet of paper, place everything where you know it will go, then follow that template with the real thing.

You have already sent me two lovely handmade cards. So I have faith in your ability!

Barb said...

A card is a good place to start. I was going to say maybe think of your first project as a test one.

Claire said...