Sunday, October 22, 2006

I've Been Tagged.....Again.....Wah!

I've been tagged by Skittles on this one, so here goes:

I have to list five things about myself that I think are weird.

1. I like dunking my potato chips in my glass of Coke.

2. I can bend the thumb on my left hand into a horizontal flat position.

3. I took a Calculus course as a pleasure course...Seriously.

4. I like to keep my my food from touching adjoining food on my plate.
(I'm a real treat at a pot luck I can tell you).

5. I can sit with my toes bent under my feet.

Note: There could be other very odd things about me, but you asked for 5, and 5 it is.

And now I tag the following.......
lattegirl, terry, Miss Daday, jmai, Calabar Gal


Barb said...

Morgan left me off the hook from doing all nine cuz he said the peanut butter & mayo sandwich was really bad lol.

Calculus?? Fun??? You're a sick woman. =)

My second son was the same way with food until he had kids.

tg said...

Don't believe her when she says she eats chips or drinks Coke.

masgblog said...

barb - yes, Calculus was a pleasure course....I am a geek.

masgblog said...

tg - but every once in awhile, I fall off.....I not always perfect.